Emmett Redding


I composited and assisted in the ideation of HUMANIMALS with Director Benjamin Mansur.


In a world where the roles of humans and animals have been flipped, HUMANIMALS explores the complex relationship between humans and animals through a series of revenge-comedy vignettes. But to what end?

About HUMANIMALS, from the Director

HUMANIMALS began after considering why I felt increasingly desensitised towards discussions of animal rights activism. The film explores multiple facets of the issues surrounding animal ethics and consumption by substituting animals with humans in a comedic, but ultimately violent, light. I was interested in asking audiences to think about how they interact with animals in their daily lives, both directly and indirectly, and how they actually feel about this relationship.

Humanimals - Posters Humanimals - Screengrabs


a film by Benjamin Mansur

Animation Assistance Priyankar Ray

Composition Benjamin Mansur, Emmett Redding

Sound Design Kinesha Kay

Music “Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King”, Written by Edvard Grieg, Performed by Kassia. Permissions granted courtesy of Kassia J.

Special Thanks Kate Cawley, Chris Barker, Jeremy Parker