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Hollygood is a podcast I produce, host and edit where we talk movies! It’s a lot of fun!

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Episode 17 – JK Rowling and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Script

Originally published April 29, 2019.

This week we talk about the worst movies of 2018!
We recorded this one back in January, which is why we're speculating on things before they've happened. Anyway, hope you like the episode! I've got to go and watch Game of Thrones now! Love you lots!

Episode 16 – Hollygood’s Revenge (The best movies of 2018)

Originally published March 19, 2019.

The boys are back in town! Welcome to Hollygood 2019!
This first episode the gang talks the best movies of 2018 - who agrees with who? Who disagrees with who? Who knows? You'll have to listen to find out!
Thanks again for listening! We love you very much!

Episode 15 – The Re-Return of Hollygood?

Originally published November 23, 2018.

Hey! Welcome back! Sorry we took such a long break between episodes! We talk about a few things this episode - Venom, Netflix, Fantastic Beasts 2 (Though we haven't seen it), and some other stuff but I can't think right now because I'm about to get in an Uber to head to my wedding! Thanks! See you soon! I love you very much!

Episode 14 – Emmett dropped chocolate ice cream in my pocket and I'm going crazy

Originally published October 17, 2018.

Welcome back to sunny Hollygood!

In this episode we talk about Predator 2, The Usual Suspects, the Back to the Future series and I think that's it? Oh and the new Fantastic Beasts trailer. I think we also talk a little bit about the Captain Marvel trailer too? I can't remember.

Oh! We also talked about Christopher Robin!

Episode 13 – Morgan, what did you think of Predator?

Originally published October 10, 2018.

So turns out this episode has a lot of us lying. I said I was going to put in chapter markers, but we barely spoil anything, and the things we do spoil are from movies a hundred years old already anyway.

We also lied when we said we’d watch Flubber. We haven’t watched Flubber yet.

Episode 12 – The Return of Hollygood?

Originally published September 22, 2018.

In this episode we discuss Pixar movies, Jurassic Park, The Predator series, Mission Impossible and The Nun?

Yep, we're back again. What do you think? I had a headache recording this so leave me alone please.

So yeah, I finally decided to add chapter markers to this. When we mention a spoiler you can skip ahead to when we're done spoiling the movie we're talking about. You'll have to be quick though with the Jurassic Park one. And when we start talking about Mission Impossible watch out because we just spoil stuff before flagging it. Not much to spoil there though really. ALSO I think I say spoiler alert when we talk about The Nun but then we don't actually say anything about the movie so don't worry about it.

Also, I know who Chris Tucker is, I just haven't seen Rush Hour.

Episode XI – Star Wars Episode VII-VIII: The final Star Wars Hollygood Special?

Originally published September 6, 2018.

I can't think of a description for this one. We talk about the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Well, what's out of it at least. Who knew that the episode we thought we wouldn't make would be our longest yet. And I cut out about half an hour of this one too!

But yes, for now this is it for our Star Wars Hollygood Special series. I hope you have enjoyed it. It almost killed the podcast. I hope you're happy.

Also Chris, I know you have to get up early, that's why I'm publishing it in the middle of the night. I hope it's ready for you to listen to when you get up!

Episode X – Star Wars Episode IV-VI: What’s a good name for the original trilogy episode?

Originally published August 30, 2018.

Thanks for your patience with this one, faithful listeners, welcome back!

After a short (two and a half month) break, the triumphant return of Hollygood is here! It's the Star Wars Hollygood Special - Episode III: The Empire's New Hope to Strike Back at those Jedi now they've Returned. This episode features Emmett, Morgan and Oliver discussing the Original Trilogy, after having watched the Prequels and Solo.

Episode 9 – Star Wars Storytime: Going Solo (Solo Spoilercast)

Originally published June 8, 2018.

It's the second part of the Star Wars Hollygood Special! This week we discuss the BRAND NEW Star Wars movie Solo: A Star Wars Story! Did we like it??? Who knows?????? I did!!! I liked it a lot!!!

Lots of love, Emmett xoxo

Episode VIII – Star Wars Episode I-III: Revenge of the Clone Menace

Originally published May 29, 2018.

This week it's all in the title. It's the Star Wars Hollygood Special! Yes it's been done before but in this episode we've done it better! Want to know our prequel opinions? Check it out!

Episode 7 – Just name it anything, Emmett

Originally published May 21, 2018.

Hollygood is back in your hood for another week of movie talk with movie dorks. This week is a bit of a weird one, we do some film chat but we also discuss the hit tv show Westworld a fair bit.

See what we have to say!

Episode 6 – Hey, you Caraca-dese Potts?

Originally published May 8, 2018.

This week we have a nice little chat about 50/50 as well as the treasure that is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Also as we are big ol' nerds we once again return to our favourite topic, the MCU.

Episode 5 – Smoochy Smoochy Shoot Shoot

Originally published May 5, 2018.

This week we do our usual thing while we discuss Shane Black's 2005 neo-noir black comedy movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Episode 4 – AVENGERS ENDLESS TUSSLE [Spoilers]

Originally published April 30, 2018.

This episode is spoiler heavy as we discuss Avengers Infinity War as well the rest of the MCU.

Episode 3 – Austin Powers?! That’s My Favourite Moooovie!

Originally published April 24, 2018.

This week we discuss the first two Austin Powers movies and the newly released Game Over, Man! As well as checking in again on Ready Player One. This and much more in this weeks episode of Hollygood!

Episode 2 – forGET abOUT it

Originally published April 12, 2018.

This week we have an in-depth discussion about Get Out, Emmett shares his thoughts on Ready Player One and we get hyped over the Johnny English Strikes Again trailer.

Episode 1 – Hollygood, The Bad & The Ugly

Originally published April 5, 2018.

In this first episode we discuss and compare our Top 10 Movies from 2017 and look to the podcasting future.

This episode contains SPOILERS for: I, Tonya, War for the Planet of the Apes, Coco, Disaster Artist, It, Blade Runner, Logan Lucky, Logan, Baby Driver, Thor: Ragnarok, Star Wars: Last Jedi & others.